River City Raas 2017 Lineup, Show Order, Placings, and REVIEWS!!!

Started by Raúl Larsen

Raúl Larsen

River City Raas 2017
4 February 2017
Oates Theatre, Richmond, VA

First Place: UVA HooRaas
Second Place: Houston Roarin' Raas
Third Place: UCSD Raas Ruckus

Show Order:

  1. VCU Ricochet Raas (Exhibition)
  2. UMD EntouRaas
  3. Rutgers RAGA
  4. Cornell Big Red Raas
  5. UCSD Raas Ruckus
  6. Houston Roarin' Raas
  7. IU HoosierRaas
  8. UNC Tar Heel Raas
  9. UVA HooRaas



Because this is a current season playlist, the embed has been written into this post, but the videos will be added on April 16th, or by the team's permission for public release, whichever comes first.


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