Raas Rave 2016 Lineup, Show Order, Placings, RGBTV Videos, and REVIEWS!!!

Started by Raúl Larsen

Raúl Larsen

Raas Rave 2016
27 February 2016
McFarlin Auditorium, Southern Methodist University

First Place: University of Florida GatoRaas
Second Place: Houston Roarin' Raas

Show Order:

01 Penn Raas
02 WashU Raas
03 UH Roarin' Raas
04 BU Fatakada
05 UVA HooRaas
06 University of Florida GatoRaas
07 Chicago Raas


RGBTV would like to thank Hit Patel and Neal Trivedi for providing R2B2 performance videos.



Raúl Larsen

Florida GatoRaas

Your teams stands out as being able to improve very quickly between performances, and I think it’s a testament to your style that you were able to make formations look this good despite roster switches. Even though many of my comments relate to formational mistakes, I think that you all commit to daring movement on stage and mistakes are just a result of stepping up the standard for movement. From Mayhem, the biggest area to improve was energy, and I think you really stepped it up to where it needed to be. Opening was effective with the darkness of McFarlin (next level), and the cascade move at 0:44 (RGBTV timestamps) really hit. The energy overall was stepped up in the way it needed to be – but be sure that it doesn’t affect line hitting like at 0:59. The formational movement at 1:30 really showcased full stage use in a way that many teams don’t get to – I hope to see that in future sets, too. Girls’ solo was really good, and I don’t really have anything to fix from it. Except to maybe add more energy to glides as the boys reenter stage. Watch vertical positioning for the line at 3:05 – it can be cleaned up a fair bit. Spacing for “let me take a selfie” seemed off with the front two girls having too distance from the back of the V and the back girl stage right being out of line. Boys’ solo sync wasn’t at the level of the girls, but the energy was great and I wondered if you had added the dandiyo hits into the mix because of clearly and crisply they sounded. Formation at 4:49 has a bit off as far as the boys go, but I really liked it otherwise. I liked the fixes to girls’ swinging arms. During the second to last song, I noticed that cleanliness went down (pretty normal), but that it was predominantly because people were doing “pickups” to beats – arms would move slightly up as the dancer prepped to swing down. Arm straightness was an issue for girls throughout this segment, but was most noticeable at 5:48. I wasn’t the clearest on what the last gimmick was (Instagram?), but it still managed to end the set nicely. A lot of teams could get valuable insight from how your mix communicates theme without breaking beat in a way that maximizes the flow and natural progression of the set. Congratulations on a well-earned placing, and I cannot wait to see what you all bring next year!