Purdue NASHA 2017 Lineup, Show Order, Placings, and REVIEWS!!!

Started by Raúl Larsen

Raúl Larsen

Purdue NASHA 2017
28 January 2017
Loeb Playhouse, Purdue University

Raas Garba:
First Place: UIUC Illini Raas
Second Place: UConn ThundeRaas

First Place: Michigan Izzat
Second Place: UIUC Fizaa
Third Place: Michigan TAAL

Show Order:

  1. Pitt Mastana
  2. UConn ThundeRaas
  3. Michigan TAAL
  4. IU HoosierRaas
  5. Marquette Mazaa
  6. UIUC Illini Raas
  7. WashU Chaahat
  8. Deeva Dance Troupe
  9. Northwestern Raas
  10. UIUC Fizaa
  11. Chicago Raas
  12. Houston Jannat
  13. Michigan Izzat


Because this is a current season playlist, the embed has been written into this post, but the videos will be added on April 16th, or by the team's permission for public release, whichever comes first.



Raúl Larsen

I was a judge at Purdue NASHA, so my reviews are only posted with the permission of the Captains of the reviewed teams. As you might see, these reviews take a while, so if you are still waiting on a review, it does NOT mean that you have been forgotten!

Time stamps correlate to the raw video footage taken by RGBTV (check them out here: www.facebook.com/rgbtv.videos !!), which be posted at the conclusion of the season (see the above embedding)

UIUC Illini Raas
Overall: You all brought it on Saturday. Wow. The level at which you were competing made it clear that you were a circuit team that wanted a long season. First impression counts for a lot, and I hope the rest of your season keeps building from this strong first showing.

0:00 - Opening skit voiceovers weren’t terribly clear, but I suppose it’s not your fault the crowd is cheering loudly. I heard it fine live, but on the video it’s much less understandable. With the intro video, though, I think it was fine. Keep the lights bright from the skit - dark to light is nice effect for an entrance, but with unpredictable lighting cue execution, there’s too much of a risk that your really strong entrance will happen in the dark. The dandiyo drop at 0:49 was barely noticeable, and the recovery/lack of reaction was the model of a proper response. At 1:01, make sure the back line of girls have synced heads - there’s a moment that they seemed to drop out of sync, but they quickly pick it up again. At 1:32, the boy most directly in front of the Disney castle doesn’t quite match leg height with the other dancers around him, but on most teams, this wouldn’t even be noticeable - your level of sync is just that high. Watch footwork execution for back stage right and back center boy - they miss the steps and have bad body angles. The “you are invited” as cute, but the writing on “invited” was just a little too stylistic and hard to read for the brief beat that the signs were visible on stage. A girl misses the 1:55 spin and looks very confused. I’m not sure if she was supposed to clip the move because of her next formation or if she just missed the step. She moves into the next formation well, but her recovery time is still longer than it should be (arms not completing the moves). I love the cross formation you do from 2:00 to 2:15 - just make sure that everyone bends (and from the waist, not the back!) the same amount during the bent heeches/glides. Watch formational spacing for the line diagonal of pairs at 2:20 (it almost looks like it happened because the second most-forward to audience turned over the wrong shoulder, but that shouldn’t make a difference if you practice turning while keeping spot). The boys are doing very different bends at 2:27. Not an issue early in the season, but from late February to April, that will start being a distinguishing polish to discern between routines. Make sure the boy back row stage right does not clip the move 2:27 with the point forward - another conspicuous, but easy to fix moment.

I’m not sure how i feel about adding a dancer in girls’ solo with a matching jodi post solo. The transition itself was smooth for her entrance, and there is no part of the rubric that says it’s not permissible (except, perhaps difficulty or adjustments on energy). Without any explicit violation of the rubric, though, I did not factor this into any scoring.

2:45, watch spacing for stage/foot placings. The formation is generally missed, and people move out of spot. The arm movement at 2:50-2:51 needs better sync. Make sure that dancers commit to the movement at 3:05, because there are various levels of snapping happening here. Make sure the girl (behind the N) for the 3:23 twirl is not spinning too fast (or that everyone else speeds up to the correct rotation speed). Line at 4:25 and especially girls stage left line at 4:28 (priority) need cleaner execution. The walk off of stage looked awkward, especially because of the music pause. Heech/glide off? Make sure front line boys don’t do a pickup to the head bob step or they’ll end up all over the place sync-wise. Boys solo in general feels like a dip in energy, which leads to my overall comment for the remainder of the routine: your execution is circuit standard, and you clearly feel comfortable performing. Overall, however, you need to make 6:08 (and other the last two minutes in general) feel like 0:48 in terms of how much you’re snapping. Getting to the move seems to be still very acceptable, but energy FINISHING the moves (not clipping, keeping tension/strength as you complete steps, etc) will add what this routine needs right now. I’m always a big fan of doing bottom-top switchouts (looking to Sanedo and Royalty). That is to say, take 2-4 of your weakest beats (moments when you’re doing a repetitive step, or something small) and make them the best 2-4 beats of the segment (while maintaining musicality!). Doing this 1-3 times per segment makes you look like an entirely different routine, operating at a higher level. In terms of complexity, playing around with traditional footwork and finding ways to do it differently, or just really going into half and quarter beat steps is a good way to do this (if the music is slow, backbeats and effects can bridge the gap here). You all did a fantastic job at NASHA, and I wish you the best for the remainder of your season!