Miami Mayhem 2016 Lineup, Show Order, Placings, and REVIEWS!!!

Started by Raúl Larsen

Raúl Larsen

Unfortunately, RGBTV was unable to recover audio for performances at Miami Mayhem. However, I personally wrote reviews during the livestream, posted with the placings announcement.

First Place: Rutgers RAGA
Second Place: UMD EntouRaas
Third Place: VCU Ricochet Raas

Show order:

  1. VCU Ricochet Raas
  2. UF GatoRaas
  3. Drexel Dandiya
  4. Dirty South Dandiya
  5. UMD EntouRaas
  6. UMBC Raascals
  7. GW Raas
  8. Rutgers RAGA

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Raúl Larsen

Great first impression on the stage with good energy. The first few lines look really clean, and sync is pretty good. Make sure to keep the girls line clean when they move to stage left because they don’t follow the front dancer (and lose the line). Watch sync overall, the guys on stage right start getting ahead of the rest of the team. The Tran Tali looked okay, but the circle didn’t look entirely symmetrical, and then there was a line that wasn’t hit. The introduction to boys’ solo was about 20 beats without dancing, and that made me feel like I was watching a set broken up into smaller sections – it lost the flow at some point. The lighting and theme incorporation here is great, no doubt, but I think it’s just too long to go without dancing. Boys’ solo didn’t hit moves at the same time with that crispness that can really boost sync and impression. The empty stage looks awkward and really takes me out of the performance. Sync starts slipping at Jai Jai for full arm motions, and in general, there’s just a cost of cleanliness that comes when the team is clearly pushing for second half energy. To close the set, either energy or cleanliness needs to be top tier, and I felt like both slipped significantly trying to get the other. The staffs still weren’t synced at the end, but now I am really kept in the moment for the ending. Overall, fix the last two to three songs for energy and sync and you will have a much stronger impression overall. It absolutely felt like a placeworthy performance by the end of the routine, and that’s exactly what you want people thinking if you’re opening the show. I can’t wait to see you live at Masti!!

THE HYPE!! Love the offstage start for the boys. Cleanliness looks good and energy is great for the opening circle formation. Make sure that girls stage right do not fall behind when completing moves in the 16 beats before the Tran Tali. The hop down looked really good, and the girls’ song was good and formations looked solid. Maybe bring up energy a bit, because your cleanliness is high enough you can take the slight hit. Line far stage right doesn’t look quite hit after the Dab Dab Dab moment, but that might be camera angle. Loved that you all keep going dancing fully offstage – it’s a big improvement to impression for such a small fix. Boys’ solo doesn’t look the cleanest, but the energy is really high up, and that seems like a fair trade. Watch that your arms stay straight in the 16 beats leading up to the thumbs up “like” gimmick. I like the traditionality of the bend glides that have swinging arms, but be sure that arms don’t come up above the 180 horizontal. I like nearly all the theme moments throughout your piece – especially that you don’t let the routine linger over them. Keep them quick and to the point like they are now. Overall, this looked really good and I think your improvement is really impressive since just last weekend. This routine feels “finished”, and I think working up to explosiveness for execution/energy is the last area of focus for R2B2.

Losing dandiya so early seems to be a trend for you, but hopefully it’s of good luck. Energy was still explosive, and that does a lot to sell to me that your routine is excellent. However, after the flip, sync went down. Girls’ solo was pretty okay, but watch that arms/extensions stay straight – no bent elbows! Be careful not to ‘pick up’ (wind up?) before big arm movements too much right after boys’ solo. Shout out for doing a killer job with formations – I didn’t see any issues up to this point in the routine! Occasionally, I did notice that dandiya were not kept against wrists, so that when the arm was straight up, the dandiyo was as much as 30 degrees off. The 45 degree arms before ground hits weren’t together, and that’s a super exposed moment. Make sure that when you’re standing and have 180 horizontal arms that your head bobs (which were super great) do not lead to arm movement – keep more strength in your arms to prevent this! Energy is explosive and the next step for this routine is to have a sense of control to your moves that results in snapping and completed moves. I think this is a super entertaining routine and I always enjoy watching you all dance. I'm very excited for the super circuit reunion at CCR!

I don’t really know what’s happening in your intro, but it feels like too strong a reaction to having a lot going on in your BTR iteration. Sync is off for people completing moves (2 matching girls are very exposed coming up late on a move). Bounce seems off for partner move, and arms don’t swing in sync for boys in the front (an issue that shows up later in the routine as well). The back of stage toss didn’t have the effect it did at BTR – it might be an angle issue, but I just wasn’t feeling the magic tonight. The staggered rise from the ground doesn’t look together from the girls. Definitely looked like heads were opposite for a quick second from the boys. One boy midstage, stage left was very behind for second half of boys’ solo. Boy missed the ground hit bend down. Flips didn’t look synced, and the whole set seemed to lack the snapping level cleanliness, but the whole team (boys especially) had explosive energy that looked really great on stage. Spending time to clean it up puts you in great position for CCR. In general, second half messiness hurt the overall impression of this set being finished, and I think it should be the focus of practice going into CCR. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see you all in Maryland!

Super traditional, and it looked very explosive from the beginning. I like the crispness your moves have in the first song. Love the Tran Tali circle, and I think your mix does a lot to keep me with this routine. Girls’ solo seemed very stationary, but I did like the boys’ entrance and jump over stunt. Make sure that arms stay firm – when dancers travel with extended arms, the arms seem to bend and move more than they should. Your dancers have great athleticism throughout the routine and that looks very good. Very few visible mistakes on execution, and I think it’s slayer for impression. Overall, the routine was entirely polished, but I had the impression that you could have pushed further to make the choreo more complex. Overall, I think this set just wasn’t up to the choreo standard of other routines of the night, but the musicality was really good and kept me super in the moment – good job, and I am super excited to see you all dance at Royalty!

I like the cleanliness step up from BTR, and you all look like you’re enjoying the stage. Execution of moves was really solid, I could feel the energy in extensions, and I think the first few songs just really had great step up overall. Lines looked pretty much hit, though sometimes mirrored dancers were equally late (like in a V formation in Odhni (sp?)). Boys’ solo was good, but the formations seemed a bit lopsided. Maybe it’s just that dancers didn’t fully spread out, but I thought you could have afforded to use more of the stage. The voiceover changes were good for the most part. The theme communication here is much clearer now, and so I think those changes were definitely good. Cleanliness dropped in the second half, and the whole routine needed explosive energy throughout. At this rate of improvement, I think you all are ready to succeed at Royalty and Masti, and I’m really happy I’ll get to see you at both!

I like the filled stage set up. As far as execution goes, be sure to keep arms straight and dandiya against wrists when your arms are straight up. Tran Tali had sync issues with people turning at different times/angles. People start and finish moves at different times, but for the most part the set looks together. Energy has clearly dropped and cleanliness needs work in the last two songs. Make sure that arms do not go above the 180 horizontal (I saw someone in the back do 45 up in the last 16 beats)! The music sounds hyped up enough, and the set ended well, but I don’t understand why an extra (props person?) ran out in the back center stage right with the closing beats. Definitely took away from the moment, but if it was part of theme, I guess it needs to be conveyed more clearly. Good job and I can’t wait to see you perform at Masti!!

Very cute intro – definitely god me in the mood for this theme. Energy was very good at beginning, and make sure to keep it up. Boys’ solo angles weren’t entirely synced up, but I still liked the rowing moment. Watch lines at end of the girls’ solo – started getting quite sloppy. The ending threw me off for a quick moment, but once I realized what happened, I liked it. Overall, I think this routine looks super finished, and there were very few mistakes to point out. Definitely a standout performance, and I look forward to seeing you at CCR!

**Personal Rankings: **

Rutgers RAGA – You all had the complete package. Good choreo, good energy, and execution. A real force to be reckoned with, I thought your set was best of the night.
UF GatoRaas – You had a very complete routine with a better balance throughout the set.
VCU Ricochet Raas – I think the second half dip in energy and cleanliness cost you the margin to first here (for me). Choreo is great the first half looks good enough to win the comp, just make sure that the energy and cleanliness can be sustained