Maryland Masti 2017 Lineup, Show Order, Placings, and REVIEWS!!!

Started by Raúl Larsen

Raúl Larsen

Maryland Masti 2017
11 February 2017

First Place: Rutgers RAGA
Second Place: UMBC Raascals
Third Place: UNC Tar Heel Raas

Show Order:

  1. UVA HooRaas
  2. Pitt PantheRaas
  3. BU Fatakada
  4. Rutgers RAGA
  5. Cornell Big Red Raas
  6. UNC Tar Heel Raas
  7. CMU Raasta
  8. UMBC Raascals


Assuming the livestream is still up tonight, I will be writing reviews.


Raúl Larsen

Time stamps are based off of livestream.

Cornell Big Red Raas
Raas National Gallery
I liked the scrolling Kanye news updates in the intro video. Stage was dark, spotlight hid some of the activity. In general, defer to brighter lighting - it’s worth looking at previous performances (not just Raas/dance) on this stage to see what the auditorium looks like. Red with the blue parts of the costume made a nearly black purple, and against the red, it was hard to really communicate the first song energy that can start off a routine impression strongly. Near the 8 minute mark, there are arm sync issues (different speeds, different heights/angles for horizontal moves). I like how innovate the tripwire stunt is, but it would have been cool to see some physical representation of the wire. I’m super impressed by the recovery/lack of reactionf rom the girl at 8:41 who had odhni struggles. Bounce sync for the tran tali didn’t quite hit for the first couple lyrical lines. Standardize spin speed at 9:08. Girls solo was a time that sync wasn’t appreciated as it might have been because of the dark stage lights - double for the stunts at 10:03. During tech time, be sure to see what full stage lights look like, and consider taking the hit on not having themed lighting so that the judges can see the cool stuff you’re doing. Spins at 10:09 are another moment that should be standardize for angles/specific speed because it can give off an amazing execution if properly executed (think girls’ solo Pitt Raas RAS VII?). 10:22 make sure stage left first guy doesn’t enter too quickly - keep spacing consistent. Love the dandiyo handoff from the keys. With what I said before about lights - boys solo would be a strategic moment to keep themed lights because it needs the most general sync work. I like the alarm moment, but things seemed to get a little chaotic while the lights were still red. Voiceover could probably have been simplified to “Mission Accomplished” - the longer a voice speaks post-routine, the lower the hype level. You also run the risk of cheering overcrowding the audio space.

Current Ranking:

  1. Cornell Big Red Raas

UNC Tar Heel Raas
Love this intro. I think it’s bold as anything for you all to stay sitting, and because you were the first to it, it gets rewarded as a shock value gimmick. Opening song energy is very solid, but at 18:02 the boy right in front of Concessions spins at a very different speed. I’m not sure if the formation at 18:23 was supposed to have a curve to it (like a sin wave), but it appeared to be a triple diagonal with people out of spot on both side lines. I think this is an effect of people bouncing out of spot because of the energy they have - practice putting a piece of tape on the ground and doing your moves staying on that piece of tape. It will make you very aware of how much your moves can shift your positioning. The 18:57 slowdown was very, very unclean with arms, but I really liked the mirrored intro to TT (19:02). Exposed arm moment at 19:19. Make sure the stage left boys don’t finish the clap early/late at 19:24. That moment caught my eye to follow the boy farther back, and noticed for the next 8+ beats that he was slightly slow/behind on all his moves. Part of it is crispness (the partner step at 19:46 has very little snap to it), and part of it is that he starts moves a little late. Not a big issue, but you’ve worked really hard to succeed as a cleanliness team, and these are the things that can push you from a (well-deserved) placing team to a performance that people talk about for years to come as standard-setting. I went back and watched the popcorn toss like 4 times because of how effortless you all made it look. Big fan. I don’t know what the issue was during girls’ solo that a boy came on stage to switch curtain numbers, but try to avoid that if at all possible. They’re doing a very good job and it distracted. It would have been really cool if you could have found a way to have 2 boys exit garba so that they would just appear for the 3D gimmick. Also feasible, if somewhat intense, would be to do a basic cardboard/wood black backdrop maybe 3 feet high behend the chairs so that the two boys could army crawl to their spot - the gimmick really would have a stand-up-and-say-wow effect if the crowd didn’t see them run behind the backdrop prior to the moment. Formations don’t seem clearly defined for boys’ solo. I’m sad the spotlight didn’t catch the phone gimmick, because it was probably my favorite part of your RCR performance. Did not see much of your closing song, so did not see much wrong with it, but it seemed like energy was lower than it should have been for a finale. Hard to say though. In any case, you kept the performance entertaining, digestible, and clean, which seems the Masti formula. Very good job, and congratulations on third.

Current Ranking:

  1. UNC Tar Heel Raas
  2. Cornell Big Red Raas

These are taking way longer than I thought, so I have to pause to go to practice. Hopefully will continue ASAP.