A-Town Showdown 2016 Lineup, Show Order, Placings, Videos, and REVIEWS!!!

Started by Raúl Larsen

Raúl Larsen

A-Town Showdown 2016
13 February 2016
Ferst Center, Georgia Institute of Technology

Raas Garba:
First Place: Stanford Basmati Raas
Second Place: Emory University
Third Place: Drexel Dandiya

First Place: Northwestern Anubhav
Second Place: Michigan Izzat
Third Place: NCSU Nazaare

Show Order:

01 UCRaas
02 UT Austin Nach Baliye
03 UMBC Raascals
04 Drexel Jhalak
05 Emory SaRaas
06 UVA Sharaara
07 Penn Raas
08 NCSU Nazaare
09 Bentley BizRaas
10 Michigan Izzat
11 Drexel Dandiya
12 UGA Asura
13 UC ThundeRaas
14 UT Saaya
15 Basmati Raas
16 Northwestern Anubhav



Raúl Larsen

Penn Raas
Crispness in first song is generally great, but occasionally a dancer will cut a move short like during the step/march moves. Transition into garba was messier than any part of the first song – first 4 beats were a mess, but by 5 and 6 you were back on track for sync. Firm arms were a problem for 2 or 3 dancers, but was disproportionately noticeable when it happened in front stage formations (I noticed the girls stage right being the most guilty of this around beat 21 of the second song). In Pankhida, Krushee make sure your hand does not fly above the 180 horizontal for the bent glides/twirl out. Tejas, make sure you don’t rush the moves 12 beats before the partner steps. Girls’ solo seemed like a dip in the energy/sharpness in the routine until the gimmick, but that really sold the crowd! Good job on getting that moment so well. In Avali, the whole team is doing different hand angles when the left arm is straight out at 180 horizontally. Prashant and a couple other boys were a shade ahead in their moves for most of the song, but it became far more pronounced in boys’ solo. At that point, energy and explosiveness was great, but it came at the cost of close sync. It’s probably worth taking the video and start/stopping it to see who is fast and who is slow. Currently, it seems like Mayur is slow on his moves, but I think it’s that other people are rushing/cutting moves short because no two dancers seemed synced. Last song looks pretty good for a last song, but you absolutely have to sync the outro. It’s very exposed and will hurt final overall impressions, maybe enough to affect points on the rubric. Work on getting explosiveness to stay throughout your set and you'll be in an amazing position for R2B2. Overall, this was a fantastic performance.